All you need to know about Oil Presses

The oil press extracts oil by applying high pressure to the seeds in a locked cylinder and cage. This article discusses the various oil presses used in the oil industry.

Types of press machines

Oil pressing is a motorized extraction method for oil from its raw materials. It entails squeezing raw materials at high temperatures. As discussed below, there are various types of press machines.

Integrated screw press

This is among the most sophisticated oil treatment machines on the market. It is primarily used in hot and cold oil extrusion procedures from various oil plants, including cotton seeds, peanuts, coconut seeds, and rapeseed. Because it can press oil and filter it using a vacuum filtering machine, this press machine is suitable for both large and small-scale oil processing plants.

Benefits of Integrated screw press

  • Oil seeds can be used in various ways thanks to the integrated screw press. This machine can press over twenty seeds, including peanuts, rapeseed, and soybeans.
  • It produces a high yield of pure oil while consuming little electricity and requiring little labor.

Oil press screw

It is a compact-structured extraction machine used to extract oil from large amounts of materials and edible oil from various oil seeds, such as soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, flaxseed, peanut, and so on. Screw oil presses are ideal for large-scale cooking oil plants that produce various cooking oil grades.

The Benefits of a Screw Oil Press

  • It has a stable performance because it is made of high-quality carbon steel resistant to wear and tear.
  • It is widely used in pressing various oil seeds.
  • It requires less electricity and labor.

Disadvantages of screw oil press

  • The resulting oil is black
  • Oils extracted contain phospholipids
  • Requires to be combined with centrifugal filters to filter oil finely

When choosing an oil press machine, consider the following factors:

Temperature regulation

While assessing the oil press machine price in Kenya, make sure to check if the temperature is mechanically controlled. Because some oil press machines require low temperatures, different temperature controllers are needed. After deciding on a device, you may be offered a temperature controller.

Identify raw materials

Because there are different oil press machines, materials appropriate for the device should be selected. These oil press machines can extract oil from nuts such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, and cotton seeds. They can also extract oil from vegetable plant seeds. As a result, it is preferable to prioritize which materials to process first.

Operating security and convenience

Heating seeds with a thermostat heating device is more convenient because no frying is involved, resulting in higher oil yield. This oil extraction process can be controlled by a public limited company (PLC) system, making it safer and easier to work. It is one factor to consider when selecting a suitable machine.


The various types of oil press machines each have their own set of advantages. As a result, the kind of press machine to purchase is determined by the consumer’s preferences. Also, assessing the other factors, such as the raw materials that the device will utilize, is vital.