AME course details after 12th PCM in top Institutes in India

Tech. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an advanced professional degree programme that was created in accordance with industry standards and the regulations of the Regulatory Body of the Civil Aviation Authority. Students who enrol in AME course will have the chance to learn the programme both theoretically and practically, as well as in a maintenance company. Additionally, students may sit for licence exams individually. He will be qualified to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer once he passes all of the modules, the practical session, and other criteria as needed by the regulating body.

Top aircraft maintenance engineers’ primary duties are performing repairs, troubleshooting, and inspections to keep the aircraft in a flying condition. An aircraft maintenance engineer must approve every aircraft before it may take off. The aircraft maintenance engineers inspect the aircraft before takeoff and sign a certificate ensuring its safety.

Who is eligible for AME Course?

Eligibility for the AME course is a 12th grade diploma in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or an engineering degree from a recognised university or board.

The applicant must be at least 16 years old at the time of admission.

Candidates must pass both a general health exam and a test for colour blindness.

Candidates who have completed the NIOS may also apply for admission.

How to get into an AME course after 12th?

One needs to have the subjects of physics, chemistry, and maths in their curriculum, after which they can plan ahead. Candidates who want to enrol in the AME programme should be aware that there is a specific process for doing so. Furthermore, AME admission is based on the results of an entrance exam. Additionally, after passing the entrance exam, students would be allowed to enrol in DGCA-approved institutions based on their All India Rank. There are a number of AME entrance exams available to applicants. Moreover, candidates must pass those entrance exams in order to be accepted into the aviation programmes. The AME entrance exam for one of the top institutions in India is the AME CEE.

What types of course AME offers?

There are essentially two different kinds of courses in aircraft maintenance engineering, as follows:-

Program A (2 Years): One year in DGCA-approved institutes, followed by a year of hands-on training from airlines, MRO companies, and other aviation areas. Additionally, while they are in training, the students will be able to get paid. The students may submit an application for the licence that the DGCA will issue after finishing the course. The licence will be available to the engineer who can maintain, fix, and troubleshoot a simple aircraft defect.

Program B (4 years): The applicants must complete a two-year academic programme and a two-year practical programme. Live training sessions will be conducted by airlines, MRO businesses, and other aviation organisations. The stipend may be given to the students while they are in training. A licenced AME will be qualified to work in the public and private sectors in both India and overseas. The licence will be issued by the DGCA. The B1 license’s mechanical stream will be in aviation. The mechanical stream is related to parts like the fuselage, landing gear, wings, etc. In the meantime, the avionics stream of the aircraft will require a B2 licence. The avionics stream is linked to the electronics system.

Conclusion: An AME aspirant needs to keep in mind the eligibility criteria and study for the entrance exam accordingly.