Are Mechanical Keyboards Noisy?

When I first purchased a mechanical keyboard, I wondered if it would be noisy. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. The keyboard has a quiet mode that can be adjusted to suit any environment. Using the silent mode is very important, especially if you work in an office. You want to be able to concentrate on your work, not be distracted by noise.

Dragon K552

If you’re looking for a good mechanical keyboard for a budget price, look no further than the Dragon K552. This affordable keyboard offers great performance and RGB LED backlighting for all 87 keys. It comes with removable keycaps, non-slip rear feet, and a gold-plated corrosion-free USB connector. Considering it’s priced at $30, this keyboard is a bargain.

The K552 features mechanical switches for improved durability. It’s available in two switch types: Cherry MX Blue and Outmen Blue. For the latter, the total travel distance is 4mm, while the actuation distance is 2mm.

Despite the low price, the Dragon K552 has some flaws. The build quality is mediocre, the keycaps are terrible, and the software is subpar. However, the RGB lighting is impressive and the keys have a nice click tactile feel.

Ajazz AK50

If you’re looking for the cheapest, most functional mechanical keyboard available, look no further than the desert cart Ajazz AK 50 Mechanical Keyboard. This 104 key, full-size keyboard is built to provide a superior gaming experience. The keyboard’s keycaps are made from a durable metal, while its abrasion resistant material ensures long-lasting performance.

You’ll enjoy a solid grip with its ergonomic wrist rest. It also comes with On-the-Fly Controls and RGB lighting. While the keys are nice to touch, they can make some noise.

There are plenty of ways to reduce the noise of your mechanical keyboard. You can either buy keyboard accessories or place some packing foam underneath your keys.

Logitech K845

The Logitech K845 mechanical keyboard is a nice full-size keyboard that is designed for office use. It features Cherry MX Blue switches, which are comfortable and provide good tactile feedback. However, it doesn’t have macro programmable keys, and it does not work with the Logitech software.

While the Logitech K845 keyboard is a solid entry into the professional market, it does have some drawbacks. For example, the keyboard has high latency, and it does not have any extra real estate. That said, it has a lot of the key features you need to type, such as individual lighting, a backlight, and a smooth and fast stroke.

Kingston Hyper K556 RGB

The Hyper Alloy Core RGB Gaming Keyboard is a solid performer. It has a number of high-tech features such as a detachable cable, a full metal chassis, and an ultra-responsive membrane layout. Combined with the keypad and media keys, the Alloy FPS is a great choice for gamers who are looking for a keyboard that offers both performance and portability. Using a USB charge port, the Alloy FPS can go from battery to power in a snap.

Not only is the Hyper Alloy Core RGB an enticing and affordable option, it is also designed to make your gaming experience more fun and exciting. From the gaming grade anti-ghosting functionality to the aforementioned large volume wheel, this keyboard offers the ultimate in performance, style and convenience.

Ducky One 2 Mini

Mechanical keyboards are noisy, but they can be quite fun. Some people have the misconception that all mechanical keyboards are loud, but they aren’t.

Using a mechanical keyboard can be quite relaxing, especially if you’re a gaming enthusiast. The keyboard’s clicking sound is a fun experience and it also helps you type faster. However, if you’re typing on a crowded desk or you have a rattling surface, you may want to take steps to quiet the keyboard down.

One way to get rid of the keyboard noise is to add sound dampening film to the desk. This will help reduce echo and the spacebar’s annoying “ping”.

Other ways to quiet down a noisy keyboard include using rubber O-rings. These can be placed beneath a keycap to reduce the noise. O-rings tend to wear out over time, so replace them regularly. You can also use shelf liner to cut down on the noise.

Model S

If you are considering a new keyboard, there are several options out there. Mechanical keyboards are often considered more reliable than membrane keyboards. They’re also quiet, and can be cleaned easily. However, they can cost more than Chiclet keyboards.

Das Keyboard Model S is a good choice if you are looking for a sleek, stylish keyboard. It features spaced-out keys with a white backlight. In addition, it has a glossy finish.


Another option is to purchase a special wrist support. These devices are usually designed to help you type more effectively. Some keyboards even have special lights that can be used to highlight particular key strokes. Using a good wrist support can improve your performance, which will result in a more enjoyable working day.

Having a large mouse pad can also reduce the sound of your keyboard. However, you should know that the most effective method of reducing your keyboard’s sound is to clean it. Cleaning your keyboard on a regular basis is a smart move. Otherwise, you might end up with dust and debris that can affect the quality of your work.

Finally, you may want to consider buying a mechanical keyboard with a quieter switch. This should be about 30% quieter than a standard mechanical keyboard. In addition, you can buy GMK QMX-Clip Sound-Dampening Brackets that can reduce the noise from your keyboard up to ten decibels.

Buying a gaming keyboard can be an excellent way to improve your game and enhance your enjoyment. Many offer special features, such as backlighting, programmable keys, and a variety of other gimmicks. Others, such as the GAMDIAS Hermes M5, feature switches that mimic the Cherry Blue MX, which can be useful when you need to quickly switch between your Mac and Windows layouts.

The best way to determine which the best keyboard is for you is to ask yourself what you’re going to be using it for. For instance, if you’re just looking for a basic mechanical keyboard for typing and light office use, you probably don’t need anything more than a keyboard that’s made from metal. But if you’re a serious gamer who’s looking for a device that can take on the toughest of competition, you’ll likely want to go with a more rugged design.

Other things to look for include the noise level and backlighting. Check to see if your keyboard comes with a lighted key or is equipped with RGB lighting. Additionally, you can always install a third-party keyboard app that has a toggle to turn off the key clack.


The key caps on the keyboard are gold-plated MX switches. This allows for a great typing experience, and they’re rated for millions of key presses. Despite this, they are a little loud when used for telephone calls.