Bathroom Renovations: 12 Points You Must Note

Consider how frequently you use the restroom and its amenities daily. What time of day do you spend the most time there, and what activities (apart from the obvious) take place? Do you go to your master bath to soak in the tub while reading a magazine? Or do you shower, run in a shared bathroom, and share a vanity with your spouse while getting ready for work?

1. Budget

The first and arguably most essential consideration is budget. Setting a budget and knowing how much you’re willing to spend on various products will assist you in making critical selections during the bathroom renovation in Melbourne.

2. Space Availability

Because the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house, it is critical to maximise every centimetre of available space. Consider the layout of your bathroom and take correct measurements because nothing is more aggravating than buying fixtures that don’t fit!

3. Style and Design

A variety of styles and ideas can be achieved in the bathroom, whether you want to complement the rest of the rooms in your home or create something different. Perhaps you want something traditional or a little more modern; whichever style you wish to attain, professionals can help.

4. Taps

Small details can make a big difference, so it’s critical to analyse the style of taps you choose carefully. There is a vast range of fixtures on the market nowadays, so deciding isn’t as simple as you might believe. Consider the style you want to attain and make a decision accordingly.

5. Storage

If you’re short on room, attempt to be storage savvy. Invest in furniture that provides plenty of storage without taking up too much floor space. Vanity units, for example, are ideal because they take up little room and provide excellent storage while complementing your chosen style.

Make the most of your available space by installing shelf units or a niche in the shower to accommodate all shampoos and shower gels.

6. Accessories

Without new accessories, no commercial fitouts in Melbourne is complete. Imagine investing significant money in a fresh new bathroom suite only to have it ruined by an old, rusted toilet roll holder. So, take your time thinking about the items you’ll need and putting the finishing touches on your fantasy bathroom.

7. Heating

Install a high-quality heating system to keep your bathroom warm. Invest in a heated towel rail, perfect for individuals with limited space, or a more traditional radiator, available in various types.

Underfloor heating is a low-cost, practical innovation that raises the temperature of every bathroom, improving comfort and warmth. We have underfloor heating solutions for every budget!

8. Time

Many individuals believe that remodelling a tiny bathroom will only take a few days or, at the very least, much less time than remodelling a larger bathroom. While this is sometimes the case, it is not always the case. If you need to change more than one item, the procedure is comparable to a larger-scale project. Furthermore, during the planning stages, you must determine the duration of the remodelling work and the order and purchase of custom cabinetry to ensure it is feasible. Taking a bath or shower while the bathroom is being deconstructed is also difficult for individuals with one bathroom.

9. Bathroom Issues

It’s a good idea to go through a thorough remodelling plan that encompasses the space’s past troubles before conducting a significant makeover to your bathroom. Hiring experts to assist with bathroom renovation in Melbourne may reduce the likelihood of problems emerging, but they may still exist. Water damage on the floor, inadequate plumbing, rusted fixtures, non-waterproof tub or floor/wall tiles, leaky connections or poor bathroom ventilation capabilities could be the source of your home’s most hidden severe problem. To ensure your bathroom is free of water problems, hire a plumber from a company like A-1 Sewer and Septic Service to evaluate whether you need to change your plumbing or reposition your fixtures.

10. Functionality

Before deciding on the fixtures for your bathroom, consider how you want it to look. There are various things to consider, such as paint colours, tiles, showers, vanities, and tubs. The results can be perplexing after some time and research. You can select a specific feature and then use it to construct the rest of the design or combine the items you like into an overall theme for the area. Functionality and design should go hand in hand, and if you plan to resell your home, consider how the design will work for others. Water monitoring and recycling systems, for example, can be beneficial.

11. Floors and Walls

Generally, any waterproof, non-porous material can be utilised for commercial fitouts in Melbourne. Porcelain, marble, granite walls, and shower tiles are beautiful and long-lasting, depending on your budget and tastes. Aside from tile flooring, you could wish to look into cement (painted or stained) or sheet vinyl. Whatever you choose, it is vital to choose robust and slip-resistant flooring.

12. Fixtures

No remodelling project is complete without the repair or remodelling of fixtures. Additional or necessary maintenance includes cleaning your mirrors and shower doors. The look of your bathroom can be readily modified by replacing faucets, towel racks, cabinet knobs and shower door hardware. A brand-new set of doors can also change the entire design of your bathroom.

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Examining the twelve vital points in bathroom renovations is critical to achieving a successful and practical area. These criteria contribute to a well-executed remodel, from thorough planning and budgeting to selecting excellent materials and prioritising functionality. Individual preferences are met via attention to detail, effective plumbing solutions, and the incorporation of personal flair. Whether a simple update or a comprehensive makeover, following these guidelines ensures a bathroom that meets functional demands and represents the desired aesthetic, providing homeowners with long-term enjoyment.