Here Is Why You Should Avoid Sitting

We all need to stay active if we are to take care of our health. Our health is our biggest asset, and if it is not at its best, it is impossible to get anything else done.

A great way to improve your health is by reducing your sitting time. That is right; sitting has proven to harm a person’s overall health. Here is why you should avoid sitting for long periods throughout the day.

Reduced Lower Body Strength

When you keep sitting all day, you are reducing the exercise your lower body muscles get. In addition, the thing about muscles is that they lose strength when you do not use them.

When muscles deteriorate, they lead to a condition called muscle atrophy. In this condition, your muscles become weak, and your leg muscles cannot stabilize you. It makes your body more prone to injury, which starts when you keep sitting too much.

You Gain Weight

When you move frequently, your muscles release the enzyme lipoprotein lipase, which digests the sugar and fat you consume. As you spend most of your day sitting, releasing these molecules is reduced, and you can gain weight in many parts of your body. As per research, you are also at a greater risk for metabolic syndrome if you sit frequently.

You Get Tight Hips and a Bad Back

Sitting will be bad for your hips and back, just like your leg and glute muscles. Your hip flexors shorten when you sit, and your posture while seated can be painful for your back, especially if you have poor posture or are not using an ergonomic chair.

Additionally, having bad posture while sitting can compress the discs in your spine and speed up their aging, both of which result in chronic pain. Do not be the person with pain in your body all the time! Fight the urge to sit wherever you go!


The mental impacts of sitting are less well-known than some physical effects. People who sit more are known to experience more anxiety. This may be due to the lack of fitness-related advantages for mental health in people who spend their days sedentary rather than active.

If so, frequent exercise could help to reduce these risks. We are not talking about an exercise where you must head to the gym and put in those hours. Even a little cardio daily will keep your body healthy. People get intimidated by the idea of exercise and consider it a largely uninteresting activity. You can make exercise fun. Turn into your favorite tunes while going on a run or watch your favorite show while running on the treadmill. It will give the illusion of time going faster. For seamless streaming and smooth jam sessions, TDS Telecom is a great option. TDS offers fiber-backed high-speed internet, which ensures a premium internet experience. Or visit for more details.

Heart Disease

Sitting can damage your heart by increasing your risk of developing CVD. According to one study, men who watched television for more than 23 hours a week had a 64 percent higher chance of dying from CVD than men who only watched television for 11 hours.

According to experts, those who spend more time sitting have a 147 percent higher risk of heart attack or stroke. Getting up and running early does not sound too bad now.

Risk of Diabetes

Spending more time sitting also increases the risk of diabetes by 112 percent. Increased insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes, was observed by researchers in one study that examined the consequences of just five days of bed rest.

To fight the risk of diabetes, improve your diet and try eating healthy foods. A healthy diet combined with exercise will result in a fantastic body. You will feel the change yourself!

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

DVT is a form of a blood clot that can occur in the legs. A pulmonary embolism can occur when a piece of this clot separates, cutting off the blood supply to other organs, including your lungs.

Medical emergencies like this one might result in serious complications or even death. DVT can result in prolonged sitting, even on a long road journey.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, sitting for long periods will affect your health. Before these conditions and diseases start creeping in, you need to work on a simple solution: sit less and work out more!