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We’re trying to do more with less. That’s why we launched the self-funding model in the company. We hope that by doing this, we can reduce operating expenses and increase productivity so that we can have more time for our customers.

What’s the self-funding model?How self-funding works?What we’re doing with self-funding in Wigwam

The self-funding model was first implemented in the company’s first software, and since then, it has been implemented throughout our product line. It allows us to fund our operations ourselves and use our resources to the full. This is a unique and proven business model that has been successful in the marketplace.

Self-funding details

As with most business models, the concept of self-funding is based on the idea that we will all be helping to fund the operations of the firm as a collective whole. Through collective investment, each of us will help to fund the operations of the company as a whole – all while keeping the shareholders own money. For our own benefit, we will have access to the funds needed to operate as a forgerovate and to develop new technologies and services. However, for the benefit of our customers, for the time being, we will have access to funds from outside investors only. We will all have a stake in the success of the project, just as you or I might have helped to build a product or develop a service. In return, we will all have the right to determine the nature of that support and use of funds – whether it be in the form of loans, equity investment, equity distributions, or dividends.

How to benefit from self-funding in Wigwam

  1. Provide free support for other Firms We believe that the best way to profit from self-funding is for us to partner with and help other firms to grow. This approach can work if the firms are already thinking about building a business from the ground up. By partnering with and providing free support to other firms, we can encourage new businesses to join the fold. This assistance can increase the number of customers, increase revenue, and increase employee morale. Furthermore, we can also encourage existing firms to join us in this effort. By providing a platform for other companies to ask for funding, and by sharing information about how we can help and get financial assistance, we can encourage more firms to join the effort. B. Set Up a Small Company The small business model is the ideal model to launch a self-funding business. It allows a small business to create a pool of investors with whom it can work towards a common goal – namely, to help other businesses to grow. In this model, the owners or managers of the small business are the only owners or managers in the eyes of the investors. When a new business is chartered, they will be required to provide regular information to the shareholders – including the amount offered for investment, the amount agreed to be invested, and the share price of the investment. C. Become a Founding Member of a Founding Company Becoming a Founding Company is another way to profit from self-funding. It also allows us to partner with other firms and to provide financial assistance to those firms that might wish to join our effort. In this model, each of us will help to form a partnership with a new firm – typically in exchange for a stake in the partnership. This helps to create a pool of people with whom we can work together in order to achieve common goals – such as helping to build a niche for a product or service in a relevant market.


All in all, the self-funding model is a great way to profit from a business idea. It gives us the freedom to act as we please with our own money. It gives us the ability to fund our operations ourselves and to profit from the growth of our customers. This model is particularly attractive to start-ups looking to create a new type of business. By working with other firms on a smaller scale and through the help of investors, this small business model can be developed into a profitable model with the right partner.