Is It Safe to Download Files From RapidShare?

Despite tvcrazy recent business model change, you may still wonder if it is still safe to download files from the site. This article will explore the new ‘premium’ model, what you can download from the site without any risk, and Alternatives to RapidShare. Here are some things to keep in mind when downloading from RapidShare: (1) If you have an antivirus, you’ll need to disable it when downloading, and (2) If you’re concerned about hacking, you need to turn off your anti-virus. But other than that, RapidShare is just as safe to use as any other website.

Is it safe to download files from RapidShare?

If you are considering downloading files from presentnews, it’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into. Many files found on this website are copyrighted, and downloading them can result in hefty fines. In some cases, movie studios can even force Rapidshare to remove the content and provide a list of users that downloaded it. Internet policing has become a very real issue, and copyrights are taken seriously.

life2news was once one of the largest file hosting services on the internet, allowing users to post and download files of any size. However, because of its popularity, RapidShare became a popular destination for pirates to download copyrighted material. Copyright holders have been attempting to shut down the site for years. In 2011, the company shut down nearly one million infringing accounts and has faced legal problems. The company has now changed the name of its website and is no longer offering the same services.

As an alternative to rapidshare, there are several similar websites that offer fast file storage. HighTail, formerly YouSendIt, offers a free 30-day trial. This site allows users to send links instead of attachments, and it offers a file-organizing tool. FileDropper, meanwhile, gives users a free 1GB storage space and a mobile app to upload files.

Another way to download files from lasenorita is to use a tool called Cryptload. This program uses Java and GNU Wget to process downloads from a text file containing the RapidShare links. The software can perform multiple downloads at once. It does not warn you when a link is missing; instead, it simply downloads the next file for you.

Alternatives to RapidShare

There are several alternatives to RapidShare, which are much more convenient and easy to use. These sites don’t have pop-up ads and third-party advertisements, and they also don’t limit your download speed to 200KB/s. However, if you want to download unlimited files per month, you’ll need to subscribe to RapidShare, and this service costs $13 per month.

One of the most popular alternatives to RapidShare is cpanews, which is a free, open-source file-sharing service by Apple. It has more than 320 million registered users and gets more than 9 million unique visitors per month. It allows you to store your files on a remote server and download them on multiple devices.

Another site that offers free file-sharing is drive-google. It has an Alexa rank of 18,500,000 and over 4.5 million monthly unique visitors. Drive-google allows you to upload and download files, and allows collaborative editing. Free users get 15GB of Google storage, while premium users can get unlimited storage for a monthly fee.


If you want to download large files, you can also use Mega, a successor to MegaUpload. Mega is a file hosting service and cloud storage service. There are also apps available for iOS and Android.