Is Stephen Curry a Game Changer?

When people ask, “Is Stephen Curry a game changer?”, they generally refer to the superstar’s incredible physical attributes. He has unbelievable hand-eye coordination, deceptive bounce, and tenacious handles that allow him to sneak square up defenders and make 3s. In fact, Curry has made 54% of his 3-point attempts using pull-ups. As a result, he has a rare blend of physical attributes and an athleticism that few other players have.

The NBA’s latest superstar, 6’3″ point guard, has stirred emotions across the sport. His three-point range continues to increase, and he now routinely makes 25 and 30-footers with ease. His game-winning three against the Oklahoma City Thunder, a mere seven feet from the basket, has confused everyone’s understanding of how to defend someone with such skill. If the NBA’s coaches want to stay competitive, they will have to come up with a unique defensive strategy to stop him.

The NBA’s shooting style has undergone a revolution since the Warriors began dominating the league in 2011. Before the Warriors’ rise, teams were able to dominate the competition simply by having a team capable of shooting lights out of the gym. Sharpshooters like Stephen Curry have become stepping stones in the evolution of the sport. It’s hard to imagine a time without a sharpshooter in the league.

The NBA’s 3-point shooting rules were finally rewritten after Curry’s success. After making eleven of his first 13 attempts against the Knicks, Curry forced the NBA to alter its rules. Meanwhile, his dominance filtered down to biddy-ball. The result? A new mindset among NBA hopefuls: shooting threes to succeed. That’s an entirely new way to shoot the basketball. It’s no wonder that Curry’s success has inspired so many young players to improve their skills and abilities.