Things That Every Restaurant Should Stock Up On

Running a restaurant can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. There are a lot of things that go into making a restaurant successful, from the food and drinks you serve to the atmosphere you create. One of the most important aspects of any restaurant is the supplies. If you run out of napkins or plates, your customers will definitely notice. That’s why it’s important to stock up on supplies before your business gets too busy.

Cutlery and Crockery

Cutlery, plates, and bowls are some of the most important supplies for any restaurant. Make sure you have enough to accommodate your customers, as well as a few extra sets in case of breakage. You’ll also need plates and bowls in various sizes, from small plates and bowls for appetizers to large dinner plates.

Napkins and Towels

Napkins are also important, as they help your customers clean up if they make a mess while eating. You should also stock up on towels so you can keep the tables and countertops clean throughout the day.


You’ll need a variety of glasses and cups so you can serve your customers both cold and hot drinks. Make sure to stock up on mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses, tumblers, and other types of drinkware.


Condiments like salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, and other sauces are essential for any restaurant. Having these on hand allows your customers to add flavor to their meals without you having to constantly run out to the store for them.

Kitchen Utensils

Depending on your restaurant, you’ll need a variety of kitchen utensils like spatulas, spoons, whisks, ladles, and tongs. Having these kitchen utensils on hand will make it easier for your cooks to prepare meals quickly and efficiently without having to search for the right tool.

Nylon Feet for Tables

Do you have tables in your restaurant? If so, it’s important to stock up on nylon feet that can help protect both the floor and tables from damage. This will ensure that your tables stay in good condition for years to come and prevent any costly repairs. Over time, you’ll find that things like this go mysteriously missing, so stock up today.

Wet Floor Signs

There will inevitably be spills from time to time in your restaurant. To ensure the safety of patrons and employees alike, it is essential to always have wet floor signs on hand. This way, you can quickly alert customers of potential dangers and avoid any legal ramifications should someone slip and get injured.

Gloves for Employees

Your employees may come into contact with food, kitchen equipment, and other items throughout their shifts. To protect their health and safety, make sure to keep gloves in the restaurant so that your staff can use them when necessary. Some types of gloves may be mandated by law in certain locations, so it’s important to stay up to date on the regulations in your area.

Cleaning Supplies

Restaurants need to be kept clean and sanitary at all times, so it is essential to always have a good supply of cleaning supplies on hand. This includes items like sponges, scrub brushes, disinfectant wipes, glass cleaners, and more. Not only will these supplies help keep the restaurant looking and smelling fresh, but they will also protect customers from any potential health risks. Make sure to always keep a variety of cleaning supplies in stock so you are prepared for anything.