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What Are the Typical Job Titles for Entry Level Business Jobs?

Entry-level business jobs usually come with staff titles, such as manager, accountant, and engineer. Other job titles are bare, simply listing the position’s title without any additional information. Examples include Programmer, Software Development Engineer, and Sales Representative. These titles are often used for entry-level positions, and are not necessarily indicative of the level of the position. However, they can serve as useful examples for determining the job level.

Business majors often study operations and management. They also study macro and micro-economics, accounting, marketing, sales, and communications. Graduates from business major programs often leave with expertise on maintaining profitable businesses. Because of their knowledge in these fields, business majors might be interested in entering the business world as entry-level employees. This article will describe 20 of the most common entry-level business jobs, including their salary and educational requirements.

In the field of design, job titles may vary widely. Some companies combine the term Creative Director with Art Director and call it Design Director. The last two terms may be used interchangeably, especially in large companies. For example, Facebook has different design roles under its Global Creative Team. These designers focus on different products within the company. These titles are a great way to hide your LinkedIn profile and keep recruiters from checking your credentials.

An entry-level job may be a junior or mid-level position. The pay for these positions may be low and are generally semi-skilled. They may require only a high school diploma or an associate’s degree. But many entry-level positions require a Bachelor’s degree or higher. For example, a general office position can be associated with an entry-level business job title, while a job that requires a graduate degree may require a higher skill level.

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