What to look for when purchasing a black opal ring?


Black opal is a popular gemstone used to make rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. It is one of the most expensive stones in the world, but many people need help knowing what to look for when buying them. Below are some tips on what to look for if you should get yourself a black opal ring.

How do black opals develop?

They are formed due to silica gel that has found its way into the cracks and crevices of rocks. This is where water flows through these cracks, carrying with its minerals that solidify on contact with one. As the sun heats this mixture of water and minerals, the water evaporates, leaving behind only a thin film of mineral material on top of which the black colouration occurs.

How does the value increase?

The value of a black opal increases with size. The larger the stone, the more valuable it is.

The value also increases with the intensity of the play of colour. This means that a more significant piece has more colour than a smaller one and is worth more money.

How to detect a genuine opal from a fake one?

  • Colour: The colour should be vibrant.
  • Pattern: The pattern may take the form of a pinfire (the fire is contained within small, geometric shapes), a boulder (the most common type, with a rough surface and scattered patches of light), or a mosaic (a collection of lines).
  • Cut and polish: They have polishing marks on all sides, so it should be easy to tell when machines have polished them. They should also have perfect symmetry in their shape.
  • Weight: A genuine ring will weigh more than 1 carat because it has more material than other types of jewellery like diamonds or sapphires.

What are the best settings?

The best setting for your black opal ring is one that will protect the stone from damage and show off its beauty. Since they are soft and brittle, it’s essential to protect them from everyday wear and tear by choosing a setting that allows the stone to rest on an elevated surface. This can be achieved by using prongs with rounded tips or creating a dome-like design that protects each gemstone facet.

They are double refractive, which means they look different depending on how you look at them—and specific settings will cause them to appear cloudy or dull. If you want to ensure that your precious one looks clear and bright, select a setting with minimal metal surrounding it. A wide band, in particular, may hide some of the shimmering colours within your stone.

Is it necessary to have the stone insured?

It would be best if you considered insuring your ring. You’ll want to know the value of each of its components and the total value of the ring itself. This can help you determine whether or not you need insurance coverage.

If it’s a cheap piece, don’t bother with insurance. But if it costs more than $500, it might be worth getting a quote from a local jeweller or insurance agent and comparing rates online before deciding whether or not to get coverage for your ring.


Based on the above information, you can now make a decision. Please note that there are many different types of rings available, and they all come with their pros. It’s always best to research before buying anything to know what kind of product will suit your needs.