Which Holidays Experience The Most Number Of Accidents?

Holidays are the most enjoyable times of the year when most people travel to be with their families and friends. However, this joyous time can soon turn into a tragedy if you do not take care. Holidays in the US are the time when car accidents hit the roof. This is because there are a greater number of vehicles on the road as well as pedestrians. 

You deserve justice if you have been injured in an accident during the holiday season. Your holiday spirits were ruined, and that too without a fault of your own. Get legal consultation and hire an attorney to understand your rights and legal options. An attorney will be able to find evidence and recover your damages. 

List of holidays that experience the most number of accidents

  • Labor Day. 

Labor Day is considered one of the “last hurrahs” before the fall season sets in. Families plan picnics and barbecues and drink alcohol over the weekends. According to a survey, almost half of the US population plan to travel around Labor Day time. You can imagine the number of vehicles and pedestrians on the road increasing the risk of an accident. 

  • Memorial Day. 

While most people believe New Year’s time is when the road experiences the most crowd, it is actually memorial day. According to a report submitted by the NHTSA, memorial day is when some of the most accidents happen in the United States. Hundreds of road fatalities happen during the holiday, and a significant percentage of them involve alcohol. 

  • Fourth of July. 

Independence Day joins Labor Day for being one of the deadliest holidays in the country. It goes without saying that many adults drink on the Fourth of July, and millions travel across the country. 

  • New Year’s. 

Of course, New Year’s is on the list of the most deadly holidays in the US. It is the time when most people, especially teenagers and young adults, party with their friends and family and get drunk. They also go for long drives while being under the intoxication of alcohol. That is why most of the accidents are caused due to drinking and driving. 

  • Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is another time of the year when most people book their flight tickets home. The number of vehicles on the road increases rapidly and results in accidents. Most of these accidents are caused due to people driving while drinking or partying inside the car. Moreover, alcohol is involved in almost all Thanksgiving dinners, increasing the risks.