Worried after a car crash in Harford? Don’t miss these 5 tips

Accidents are scary, but when you have suffered losses, injuries, and damages due to another driver’s negligent driving, the trauma can be hard to endure. Such traffic mishaps happen commonly in Hartford, and in many situations, victims are unable to comprehend the situation. If you are unsure of how to proceed further or have questions about your claim, you should work with an experienced law firm. An injury lawyer can guide you through each step, and in this post, we have enlisted five essential tips worth knowing.

  1. Don’t accept fault. No matter who calls you, never admit fault after a car crash, even when you were partly at fault. Connecticut’s modified comparative fault rule allows you to recover a settlement if you are not more than 50% liable for the accident. Just like you shouldn’t argue with the other driver, don’t accept anything either.
  2. Don’t trust the claims adjuster. Insurance companies often do ethical things to reduce payments, and you wouldn’t want to settle for less. If the claims adjuster asks you to sign a release or accept their offer, pass the call to your lawyer. Anything you say could go against you.
  3. Find a lawyer with relevant experience. Personal injury law covers everything from car accident claims to slip & fall accidents. When you are looking for a lawyer, always choose someone who has worked on such cases as yours, and don’t forget to ask about trial experience.
  4. Don’t post on social media. We are used to posting every detail on our social media handles, but your auto accident claim is not a matter of public enjoyment. If you post things on Instagram or Facebook, the insurance company or the defendant may use the evidence to downplay your claim.
  5. Be patient with the process. Understandably, you want a settle the claim as soon as possible, but your lawyers are there to fight for you. It can take several months to come to an agreement with the claims adjuster or the other party, and while trials are necessary in many cases, don’t rush into the decision.

As the last piece of advice, we recommend that you refrain from discussing things with anyone other than the attorney. Lawyers are skilled at handling such situations, and it is best to trust them for their work. A competent will not settle for anything less than what the damages are worth biographypark